General FAQs

Who are you?

We are HeavyMelon, a company founded by Petros and Ilias.

Why did you create Supportress?

We were tired of the complexity of similar tools out there. Petros was an early GitHub employee. He has 9 years of experience working and shaping GitHub Support. We wanted to bring that domain knowledge into a tool that will be simple and fast. We also wanted to lower the prices and make them more fair.

Really? Another helpdesk SaaS?

Indeed, the helpdesk market is busy. It is also big. There's room for more players. Especially helpdesk SaaS products that are simple, opinionated, and targetted specifically to other SaaS companies.

Your company is based in Greece. Can I trust you?

Plain and simple, yes! Greece is one of the first members of the European Union (EU). The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law in the world and we are fully compliant with it as a company. Check out our privacy policy to learn how.

Can you tell me more about trust?

Trust is our number one goal. We believe in it. We want to run a business that is based on trust as one of its foundational principles.

Why didn't you move to San Francisco?

There is this idea that new technology companies can only thrive in areas like San Francisco. We are a bootstrapped company and we did not seek to get funded. We are creating something our customers want to pay for and that is how we stay in business. Staying in Europe is a strategic choice that helps us lower the costs and keep our prices fair.

Are you hiring?

Not right now, but we will down the road. We want to grow slowly and maintain a sustainable business with every step we take. For now, we continue building the strong foundations upon which the company stands.

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