Pricing FAQs

How can you afford charging a flat price?

We are a bootstrapped company and we grow slow and steadily. That gives us more control over our expenses. We also don't want to make a huge unfair profit at your expense. We want to be profitable of course, but our prices should always be a bargain compared to the value Supportress gives you.

Do I have to add a card?

As an early adopter you don't have to add your card. You can sign up for free. If you like Supportress though, we encourage you to add your card to lock the early adopter price. Don't worry though. We'll notify you before our official launch. That way you will have one last opportunity to lock the discounted price.

What is the catch? Why are you the cheapest?

No catch at all. We want to make a profit but not profiteer. The value you get for the money is also going to increase over time as we add new features.

What happens if I cross your email limits?

Our limits are not hard. This means we are not going to block you from sending an email to support your customers even if you cross the limits. However, we are going to notify you and ask you to upgrade to the next plan if you start crossing the limits consistently. You can read more about our limit policies.

What happens if my organization goes over the soft limits?

We monitor the usage and we will let you know if your organization is consistently over some limits every month, after a few months, so that you can adjust your patterns. The limits are very generous and you will probably never hit them anyway.

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